Cleaning the Macbook from dust

If during the work on the Macbook you began to hear noise, the laptop began to heat up noticeably and slow down, you need to think about cleaning and preventing the cooling system.
We can completely clean your Macbook from dust, dirt and nap that gets into the radiator of the cooling system and prevents free air passage.
During the cleaning process, we use compressed air, which under pressure passes between the faces of the radiator and blows out all the garbage inside.
In addition to blowing, we remove the radiator, remove the old thermal paste, which has served its time and apply a new one.
A new thermal paste provides good contact between the processor and the video card for efficient heat removal.
We also dismantle and clean the fan itself for stable and quiet operation.
After cleaning and preventing the Macbook, a series of cycles are performed to check the stability of the work.

Price for cleaning

Cleaning Your Macbook
1000 CZK
Disassembling a laptop
Compressed air blowing
Replacement of thermal paste
Cleaning the fan
Assembly and testing
Cleaning and testing takes 2 hours