Elimination of flooding

Often happens that the laptop for various reasons spills liquid.
In this case, we recommend immediately turn off the laptop and contact us to clean the internal boards to avoid corrosion and damage to individual chips.
Even if you dry your phone at home, this does not guarantee a stable operation of the phone in the future, since in the liquid, even in water, there is a huge amount of impurities and salts that dry up to form a plaque that damages the contacts and individual elements of the board.
The quicker you contact the service center, the more chances for the phone to be restored because the MacBook is difficult to disassemble at home without special tools, and since there is a battery inside which supplies voltage to the board, the destruction of parts occurs quickly enough under the influence of voltage.
Cleaning the device with drying and testing takes about 1 day.
Usually, with timely appeal to us, in most cases, the laptop can be restored by means of cleaning, since we use specialized equipment (ultrasound) and special solutions that remove all traces of liquid ingress.
In some cases, it is necessary to change additionally the damaged elements, which are no longer amenable to recover.
Since the prices for components for Macbook strongly depend on the model and the year of manufacture of the laptop, we can not publish the full price for all services, but you can call us at +420 608210867 to say the model number (listed on the bottom cover of the Macbook) and find out the exact price repair.

Prices for our services

Cleaning from flooding
1000 CZK
Disassembling a laptop
Cleaning the boards with ultrasound
Drying and blowdown with a compressor
Assembly and testing
Replace the keyboard
The price depends on the model
Disassembling a laptop
Removing an old keyboard
Installing a new keyboard