Software repair

Often, when you update your iPhone or iPad, you may face errors, which lead to slowing down of the phone or loss of device performance. Also, it is often for users to forget the unlock code and after several unsuccessful attempts the device is blocked and asks to connect to iTunes. In that case, you can contact us to restore the iPhone or iPad.
Also, we help in the identification of the phone, if you want to know the original operator and the status of the iPhone lock with the possibility of unbinding the iPhone from the operator.

Prices for services can be found in the table below

Firmware recovery
300 CZK
Firmware recovery
Functional Testing
Find out the operator and the phone status
200 CZK
Checking by phone`s IMEI
Operator Report
Country of purchase report
Checking presence in the blacklist
Unlocking the operator
The price depends on the operator
Only need IMEI phone
The official unlock to Apple
You can use any SIM
Downgrade of iPhone and iPad firmware
500 CZK
Suitable for iPhone 4 / 4s / iPad 2 and 3
Installing the fast iOS 6 firmware